Early Childhood Development

Building an ecosystem for early learners

An absence of parent knowledge of children’s cognitive development and under-resourced teachers and caregivers, can translate into an ecosystem unable to support children’s growth and learning.

ImagiNation Afrika promotes critical thinking and transforms how children in Africa perceive themselves and their ability to contribute to development.

Since 2011, ImagiNation Afrika’s early learning programs:

  • Promote quality interactions between adults and children.

  • Support the development of pre-reading, mathematical reasoning and scientific discovery

  • Promote play-based learning as the best way for children’s cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development.


Jang nguir tekki means “learning through play” in Wolof. In collaboration with local and international partners, in particular the Re-Imagine Learning / Ashoka Network, Jang nguir tekki focuses on disseminating clear and accessible information on children’s competencies and how they learn, to parents, community, media and education stakeholders, to promote better learning outcomes for children from 0 to 5 years old.