Kër ImagiNation is the primary children’s hub for learning and culture in Senegal. We aim to create a generation of “changemakers” who will lead Africa’s sustainable development. Our interactive, tailor-made programing reinforces creativity and critical thinking skills.

At Ker Imagination, all of our activities are defined by our Learning Framework.

Children are capable of constructing their own learning.

Our play spaces and programs promote and encourage children’s scientific discovery and imaginative play.

Children form an understanding of themselves and their place in the world through their interactions with others.

Our programs and playspaces encourage collaboration and working in groups, and we support parent, family and caregivers learning.

Children are communicators

We encourage and promote language development  in all its forms. We are observant and respectful of ALL forms of children’s communications.

The environment is the third teacher

We create learning spaces that promote the use of authentic and natural materials that reflect and validate the world of children.