Our Approach

Tools and Training

A center for the dissemination of parenting and teacher resources and research, particularly for babies and young children. Cultural and social influences impact and define child development. Engaging the cultural and social factors that support positive parenting reinforces positive child development.

Design and Product

Model how public spaces may become informal learning centers for children in an effort to support and build the capacity of other public spaces to address and include children. Imagination Afrika believes that the environment is the third teacher, and that public spaces play a role in a child’s development. We promote the use of authentic and natural materials that reflect and validate the world of children.

Advocacy and communications

Partner with leaders in education, health, nutrition, and media to become advocates for child development and children’s rights to play and thrive. Find out more

Creating and shaping ecosystems

Facilitating connections between local, regional and global partners to support mutual learning, mentoring and practice. Find out more