Our programs


TABASKI MARKET: November 2009–April 2010

This school-based writing program worked with 25 children, aged 7-9, to strengthen literacy skills. Through after school workshops, community field trips, and an art workshop, children worked with teachers to create a picture book about the Muslim holiday of Eid.

DU SAVOIR FAIRE AU SAVOIR VIVRE. November 2013–April 2014

ImagiNation Afrika opened three laboratory spaces for children of varying ages in conjunction with an exhibition that showed the impact of human progress on the environment. Located at our partner site, IFAN, participants were able to experiment with clay & puzzles, watch films and participate in discussions on practical solutions that promote positive effects on our environment. The labs experienced great success with schools around Senegal, receiving over 1,000 visitors.

GIRLS IN ICT DAY & CODING CAMP April 2013 & 2014

For the second year in a row, IA partnered with the British Council to introduce high school girls to the world, language and leaders of the African digital revolution. Organized around mini-trainings and coding camps, girls received mentoring, life skills, and classes on coding while visiting, and meeting with local, and international innovators. The girls developed their own mobile applications and were inspired to consider a career in the normally male dominated field of information technology. This program created 20 young female mobile developers.

MATHS MARKET February-March 2014

The math market was a traveling maths marketplace with culturally-based activities that helped children in grades 1–5 reinforce basic math skills and strengthen mathematical thinking. The math market activities are designed to complement the current Senegalese curriculum in maths for these grades.  During school visits, Imagination Afrika worked with teachers to help them use their own imagination for innovative classroom practices, and role playing was used to reinforce children’s self-confidence, and make learning math fun. The program culminated with a Math Festival at partner institution, the British Council in Dakar.  Imagination Afrika collaborated with the organization Math 4 Love, in developing this program and making it a success, allowing it to reach more than 2,500 students from 15 schools.


A writing competition and workshop for girls in second level at Dakar lycées, Girls Write Now! invited students to collectively write a short story around the theme “Between value and identity in an ever-changing society”. After the selection of winning stories, teams were invited to participate in a two-day creative writing workshop and offered the opportunity to have their works published.  At this workshop, 28 girls from 6 schools benefited from exposure to industry experts including writers, publishers and editors.


The ?Early Childhood Learning Innovations? community of practice brings together members from four countries who are using innovative methods to further learning and teaching in Africa.  Through a grant provided by TrustAfrica, the project encourages members to share knowledge and seeks to impact how they understand themselves, and how they communicate and disseminate information about their projects. The community of practice covers 15 innovative projects in Mali, Kenya, Uganda and Senegal.


La communauté de pratique des innovations en apprentissage de la petite enfance rassemble des membres de quatre pays qui utilisent des méthodes innovantes pour approfondir l’apprentissage et l’enseignement en Afrique. Grâce à une subvention fournie par TrustAfrica, le projet encourage les membres à partager leurs connaissances et cherche à influer sur la façon dont ils se comprennent eux-mêmes, et comment ils communiquent et diffusent des informations sur leurs projets. La communauté de pratique couvre 15 projets innovants au Mali, au Kenya, en Ouganda et au Sénégal.

KER IMAGINATION 2016 – Present

Kër ImagiNation is the primary children’s hub for learning and culture in Senegal. We aim to create a generation of “changemakers” who will lead Africa’s sustainable development. Our interactive, tailor-made programing reinforces creativity and critical thinking skills.

MEN NA NEKK 2016-2018

The goal of the Mën Na Nekk program is to raise awareness and strengthen young people’s critical thinking and skills through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enhance tolerance and religious plurality. With this in mind, the program includes:

  • Google Cardboard Training Sessions for Teachers
  • Computer coding courses and initiation to a positive use of social networks
  • Immersion courses for taking pictures, making and editing films
  • Youth Leadership Training for Religious Moderation and Tolerance
  • The organization of a film festival (short film) Mën Na Nekk.

The project is implemented in  Kolda, Kedougou, and Tambacounda.

JANG NGUIR TEKK: 2017 – 2019

In November 2017, the Open Society of West Africa granted Imagination Afrika funding for the implementation of a series of activities focussing on early childhood. The project is working across 3 regions of Senegal; Kolda, Tambacounda and Dakar. The key objectives are the following;

  • Key messaging around young children’s competencies based on latest development are circulating in the media
  • Heightened capacity of EC actors to identify and facilitate how children learn
  • Increased opportunities for meaningful engagement of parents with children in public spaces

JANG NGUIR TEKK: 2017 – 2019

En novembre 2017, OSIWA a accordé un financement à Imagination Afrika pour la mise en œuvre d’une série d’activités axées sur la petite enfance. Le projet travaille dans 3 régions du Sénégal; Kolda, Tambacounda et Dakar. Les objectifs clés sont les suivants:

  • Des messages clés sur les compétences des jeunes enfants basés sur les derniers développements circulent dans les médias
  • Capacité accrue des acteurs de la CE d’identifier et de faciliter la façon dont les enfants apprennent
  • Possibilités accrues d’engagement significatif des parents avec les enfants dans les espaces publics

Generation 2025

We imagine Africa of 2025 powerfully led by young people, who can critically think and creatively problem solve. Our programs in various regions of Senegal contribute to this future reality.

Men na Nekk

As part of the promotion of tolerance and ‘living together’, IA in partnership with the US Embassy has developed a program aimed at young people over 14, teachers and communities Kédougou, Tambacounda And Kolda.

Mën Na Nekk, as part of the Generation 2025 program, intends to use gambling as a key lever in the development of children. Indeed, the game is at the base of creativity and imagination, two skills we wish to develop among our young people, citizens of a tolerant and prosperous world.

The aim of the Mën Na Nekk program is to sensitize young people and strengthen their critical thinking and capacities through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to magnify tolerance and religious plurality. To this end, the program includes:

  • Google Cardboard Training for Teachers 

  • Computer coding courses and initiation to a positive use of social networks 

  • Immersion courses for taking pictures, making and editing films 

  • Youth Leadership Training for Religious Moderation and Tolerance 

  • The organization of a film festival (short film) Mën Na Nekk